First and foremost the Sisters of St. Francis are women of prayer. We commit ourselves to “rebuilding the Church” by living the passion of the Gospel in the discerning spirit of our Franciscan charism and tradition.

Franciscan Spirituality Means…

Our Franciscan spiritual tradition offers a way for us to be faithful to the way of life we have chosen. It offers us the opportunity to live in response to this invitation from God to follow in the footprints of Jesus Christ according to the Gospel and in the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi.

Sharing our Prayer and Spirituality

We share our prayer and spirituality in many ways. We do this when we remember your intentions in our prayers, when we welcome you to one of our retreats at our spiritual centers, or by providing you with a simple prayer or reflection to use in your own home. Won’t you join us in prayer?

Who Would You Like Us to Pray For?


Prayer Request

You can request a prayer for a friend, family member, coworker, etc.!  Click here!

We Love Visitors

The sisters in our retirement communities love to visit with former students, members, family, and friend.  To check hours of operation or to schedule a visit click:  Assisi House and/or St. Ann Convent.


A Lifetime of Ministry:  Stories from Assisi House

Sr. St. Joseph Brennion, OSF, is 85 years old and has been a Sister of St. Francis since 1957.  She has a real passion for art and has spent many of her years in ministry teaching art.  Since moving to Assisi House a year ago, Sr. St. Joseph has joined others in prayer ministry, but has continued using her art to educate and inspire others.