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The Sisters of St. Francis Foundation was created to provide support for the sisters’ ministries, their retirement, and other designated needs. With the help and support of the foundation’s board of trustees, the foundation seeks to develop methods of raising funds that increase awareness of the sisters’ ministries and enhance the congregation’s presence in communities through the United State and around the world.

Why Do the Sisters of St. Francis Need a Foundation?

Prior to 1994 the congregation did not engage in formal fundraising efforts.  By the early 1990s, circumstances warranted that the Sisters of St. Francis introduce a department specifically tasked to raise funds in order that the congregation could continue to fund sponsored and cosponsored ministries as well as to meet the sisters’ retirement needs.

Mary Vandergeest, OSF, Foundation Executive Director (2000-2016)
Philip Leach, Foundation Board Chair (2011-Present)

We Consider Fundraising a Ministry

“Fundraising is proclaiming what we believe in such a way that we offer other people an opportunity to participate with us in our vision and mission.”

Henri J. M. Nouwen – A Spirituality of Fundraising


For more information about the Sisters of St. Francis Foundation contact:

Deborah Krist, OSF
Director of Mission Advancement
Sisters of St. Francis Foundation
609 S. Convent Road
Aston, PA 19014
(610) 558-7713
(610) 558-5357 (fax) 

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Monthly Need

Let there be light!

Today many barns are equipped with lighting. The barn at the Sisters of St. Francis Red Hill Farm—a 15-year old structure—was provided with some lights. In analyzing the work that is accomplished in the barn, the sisters have determined that the current lighting system needs enhancement.

Harvesting at Red Hill Farm begins in June and runs until March through two growing seasons. During the summer and early fall months, our farm workers take harvested goods into the barn for processing because it is much cooler there out of the direct sunlight. The vegetables are then cleaned, sorted, and packed for distribution to the farm’s shareholders. In addition, workers use the barn to maintain and repair equipment.

A new lighting system will cost about $2,400. Your support for this project will be most appreciated.

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