Assisi House Audio/Visual System

Assisi House:  1976

You would think a new healthcare facility would include not just a new building but everything inside new. Not so.  Even then the Sisters of St. Francis begged for their own needs. For instance, hospital beds used in the new facility were donated from a hospital who had them stored in the basement. Our sisters had to scour the bed frames before they could be used. 

Assisi House:  2017

The 1976 audio system meets 2017 technology. Over the last 40 years, some newer parts were added but linking their technologies became increasingly difficult. It’s like trying to link a 1976 television set to a Wii system or a DVD player. Impossible! Among the problems are garbled announcements that cannot be understood and our bedridden sisters’ inability to hear Mass. 

Solution: 2017

A new audio/visual system that costs $250,000. We need your help to help our retired sisters.  If you can support this needed upgrade, we would be most grateful for your donation.