Volunteers are provided room and board at a just level for the geographic area in which they are serving during their term of service. The household budget which covers food and household needs is managed by the director in communication with the volunteers.
The program provides a monthly personal stipend during the volunteer’s term of service. The amount of the stipend is $125 a month. This covers the cost of personal and entertainment needs.
The program provides transportation expenses for the volunteers from orientation to the conclusion of the term of service. This includes travel to and from the ministry sites and to and from all official programs. Additionally volunteers are provided with a community vehicle—to be shared among the volunteers—which is insured and maintained through the program and the congregation. Volunteers are required to provide their own transportation to the program location at the start of their volunteer term.
The program agrees to provide medical benefits through the Catholic Volunteer Network for all volunteers who are unable to remain on his/her current policy without financial hardship. Dental and vision care is not provided. Benefits summary, eligibility, and how to use present coverage will be shared with individuals during orientation.
Beginning with orientation week volunteers are asked to commit to six weeks to focus on community. With the exception of previous commitments approved by the director, volunteers do not travel, have guests, or spend time outside of community during this period of time which facilitates the structures and bonding of community.

Volunteers are permitted two weeks of vacation time to be used at the volunteer’s discretion but not during the first six weeks. Volunteers are given holidays in conjunction with their perspective ministries. All vacation time and holiday time spent away from community needs to be discussed in the local community and shared with the director.