Cancel the Debt

Sister Hope Bauerlin added her voice to those calling on government officials to “Drop the Debt.” The demonstration took place in Washington, DC, in front of the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund Building.

As a result of loans and aid programs to developing countries, those countries owe other countries billions of dollars. “Remedies” provided by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank have resulted in the most minimal quality of life for citizens of indebted countries.

UPDATE: Our letters and postcards urging cancellation of debts have resulted in victory. An amendment for deeper debt relief for impoverished nations, especially those burdened by high levels of HIV/AIDS, has been written into law. Continue to urge your congresspersons to support the cancellation of the debt of poor countries and to work for funding for HIV/AIDS relief. Indebted countries must pay off the debt rather than provide food, medicine, housing, water rights, and the like for their citizens.


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Federal and State Budgets

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Jubilee USA

Jubilee USA Network serves as an agent to cancel the debt of those countries held captive by the odious debt imposed by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The Sisters of St. Francis are affiliate members of Jubilee USA Network.

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