Create a Memorial for Someone You Love

Below are various opportunities to remember a loved one through the establishment of a memorial. For more information or to order your memorial, contact Sr. Kathleen Parisi by phone at (610) 558-7714 or by email at

Our Canticle Garden on the grounds at our motherhouse in Aston, Pennsylvania, is a beautiful way to get in touch with God’s creation. There is a small pondless waterfall and a luscious lawn with many flowers, birds, and all sorts of God’s creatures to nourish the soul. There are many opportunities to memorialize loved ones within the Gardens.


The Pergola welcomes you into the beautiful Canticle Garden as you begin your journey down the path. You can remember your family, friends, and coworkers by making a donation of:

  • $1,000 (gold-colored plaque) or
  • $500 (silver-colored plaque) to the Sisters of St. Francis Foundation


A newly planted tree has a plaque that indicates the name of the tree (in both Latin and English) as well as, the name of the person being remembered or honored with a new life planting.  Many people who walk the Canticle Garden are happy to learn the species and the more familiar name of a tree as well as offer a prayer for those memorialized.

  • $200 for a small tree
  • $500 for a large tree


Our wooden Teak Benches, placed along the stations prayer path, welcome visitors, retreatants and family members to rest and enjoy the beauties of nature in a quite setting.  If you order a teak bench know that a small plaque, inscribed with the words: “In Memory of” or “In honor of” and the person(s) name, is placed on the seat or back support of the bench.  Hopefully, those who make use of the bench would remember the person in prayer.

  • $600 for a small bench
  • $1100 for a medium bench
  • $1600 for a large bench


Imprint a memorial on a brick along the station path so your friends or loved ones can be remembered by the Sisters of St. Francis and those walking the prayer path.

  • $100 for a station path brick

Order a Canticle Garden memorial…click below to access a printable order form.