Rebuild My Church

“The Relief Efforts of St. Dominic’s in Panama City”

After the devastation of Hurricane Michael, St. Dominic’s Church in Panama City, Florida, started their relief efforts to help their community in this time of need. Today, they continue to aid people living without food, water, and other necessities, right out on the parish parking lot. St. Dominic’s Church continues to give, even though the church was badly damaged in the hurricane as well.

In appreciation for their giving, the Sisters of St. Francis would like to give back to St. Dominic’s by providing them with money for church construction, relief efforts, and every day expenses. With your generosity, we can give back to the parish that gave so much of itself for the sake of others.

To donate, complete the form below. Many Blessings!

**Please note: Donations designated for a specific need will be allocated for that purpose. Once the purpose has been served, excess funds will be used for our greatest need.