The Chester Community Coalition

The Chester Community Coalition needs your support. In 2018, Sister Jean Rupertus, a Sister of St. Francis of Philadelphia, helped to form the Chester Community Coalition (CCC), which offers services to those impacted by violence in the city of Chester, Pennsylvania. The mission of this organization is “to heal the psychological and emotional impact of homicides and reduce trauma-related violence in the City of Chester.” The CCC is committed to working toward a solution to reduce violence in the city but the organization needs your help. 

By contributing to the CCC, you will be a part of the movement to stop the murders of young men and women in the city. Your donation will go to support the work done each day at the CCC. There are therapy groups that meet in the evenings and for young children, there are art therapy sessions to help them deal with the emotional overload of losing a loved one or witnessing violence. This organization is committed to helping those who have experienced violence to overcome the powerful impact this experience has on their lives.

The CCC is more than just a resource for the community; it is a refuge for those from a city where, according to the data from the CCC, the average 15-year-old boy has a 7% chance of being murdered before age 35.

Consider giving to this nonprofit to help decrease the devastating impact violence has on individuals, families, and communities. Please donate to support this organization as it battles against violence and provides a new path for survivors.

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You can find out more about the work of the Chester Community Coalition.

**Please note: Donations designated for a specific need will be allocated for that purpose. Once the purpose has been served, excess funds will be used for our greatest need.