Assisi House Ministry Needs

Maintaining good health and comfort as our sisters live in retirement

Assisi House is the retirement convent for the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia. Their mission encourages the sisters to engage life in a way that challenges them to purposeful and meaningful activity. The sisters living at Assisi House are retired from active ministry but continue to carry out their Franciscan ideals through prayerful service to one another, to their community, and to the world.

Presently, Assisi House needs to obtain 120 hospital beds and mattresses. New beds and mattresses are necessary to outfit bedrooms for newly arriving sisters as well as to replace worn beds and mattresses in occupied bedrooms. Each hospital bed is priced at $1,715 and the mattress will be an additional $285. Your assistance and prayerful support are needed and deeply appreciated as we begin this endeavor. Helping our sisters to maintain good health and to find comfort as they age is very important to us. Your generous donation will help us to purchase the items needed for Assisi House and our elderly sisters.