tinidazole without prescription Temporary Profession

Temporary profession is the next step and usually lasts five years. You make a commitment to the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia for one year at a time and the congregation makes a commitment to you. The congregation is responsible for all your expenses. Ministry and living in local community is balanced with prayer and social/family time.

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With approval of congregational leadership, you will publicly profess the vows and your commitment to this congregation for life.

enter “This is the beauty of consecration: it is joy, joy…”
Pope Francis (Meeting with seminarians and novices, Rome, July 6, 2013)


“…we freely bind ourselves to the dependent and limited use and disposition of material goods…God’s love creates in us a heart freed from self-interest so that, like Jesus, we are empowered to give ourselves unsparingly in ministry to all.” Constitutions, #55


“God’s love creates in us an undivided heart; thus…we are enabled to love selflessly all others with and in Jesus Christ…We find the human support for living consecrated chastity in the love which we share as sisters.” Constitutions, #48, #50


“The love of God creates in us a heart that is united in mind and will with the heart of Jesus…allowing us, then, to move among others, not in an attitude of domination, but in a spirit of mutual service.” Constitutions, #66

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