Up Close and Personal

For many of our sisters, the relationship with the congregation began during their school years. Sr. Eleanor Horneman is a definite exception. She was taught by the Ursulines and the Sisters of Charity and had considered entering the Ursulines. So what changed her mind? “A case of laryngitis and a talk with a local priest led me to his sister, a member of our congregation at St. Anthony Parish in Baltimore,” Sr. Eleanor explained. “Through Sr. Inviolata, the superior, I entered our congregation at our Lady of Angels Convent sight unseen!”

Sr. Eleanor served in a variety of ministries. She spent her earlier years in education on elementary, secondary, and collegiate levels. “I enjoyed teaching high school students, especially my years in co-ed schools,” she recalled. “It was here that I read Chardin’s The Future of Man and have been intrigued with the concept of evolution since then.”  Read more