Up Close and Personal

Based on her father’s interpretation, Sr. Theresa Kevin Donahue has been connected to the Franciscans since birth because she was born in a Franciscan hospital—the “old” St. Mary’s in Philadelphia which our sisters founded. In Theresa’s own view, however, her acquaintance with the Franciscans began when she was a freshman at Hallahan Catholic Girls High School in Philadelphia. Although she was taught by members of various congregations there, she discovered a special attraction to the Franciscans. “What attracted me to the Franciscans was that the sisters were very playful and yet also showed compassion, humility, gentleness, and patience,” she explained. “I experienced a joyful spirit in the Franciscans, a spirit that could not be contained. They made the students feel good about themselves—helped students to develop good self-images.”

During Theresa’s earlier years in the congregation, she ministered in education, sharing her gifts with elementary school children in Baltimore and Orlando. In later years she ministered as a caregiver for her parents in their home in New Jersey and during those same years taught in schools in the Camden Diocese.  Read more