~ Directional Statement – Chapter 2014 ~

The Sisters of St. Francis Directional Statement (drafted during the 2014 Congregational Chapter)

Trusting in our Provident God, whose life-giving Spirit urges us forward, we challenge ourselves as Franciscan women to risk rebirthing our charism, offering it as gift to all. Rooted in contemplative consciousness and committed to the primacy of relationship, we choose to be a prophetic and transformative presence in our Church and world.

Filled with hope, we step into the unknown future, calling ourselves to…

  • Explore our evolving identity as women in the Church.
  • Expand options for membership and other forms of association.
  • Foster dynamic engagement in every stage of our lives.
  • Exercise responsible stewardship and intensify efforts to care for Earth.
  • Heighten intercultural and intergenerational consciousness and create opportunities for engagement.

The following directional statement was drafted during the 2008 Congregational Chapter.

Claiming our identity as prophetic Franciscan women and opening ourselves to God’s radical hospitality, we move forward communally and personally by choosing to live more deeply, intentionally, and hospitably into the truth of our mission statement:

To live the Gospel in a prophetic spirit by:

  • Incarnating our Franciscan Theological Tradition through being a hospitable face of our Church, supporting its mission, and challenging its failures,
  • Engaging visibly and vocally in the critical conversations that lead to radical action and systemic change.

To live as sister with one another, with the entire human family, and with all creation by:

  • Calling ourselves to greater inclusivity by welcoming all who journey with us, especially our companions,
  • Embracing a radically simple lifestyle through honestly examining our needs and wants in response to the cry of those who are poor and of Sister Earth,
  • Challenging ourselves to find creative ways to move the Franciscan charism into the future.

To call ourselves and one another to continuous conversion of heart by:

  • Deepening our contemplative stance and challenging ourselves to move beyond our comfort zones,
  • Freeing ourselves from paralyzing fears, grudges, and negativity.

To respond with diverse gifts in a spirit of collaboration and of mutual service to the needs of others by:

  • Seeking opportunities to be with those who are poor and vulnerable in compassionate hospitality,
  • Acting on our corporate stands in concrete measurable ways.

To participate in the Spirit’s action in the world by:

  • Choosing to live and act as instruments of peace,
  • Networking among ourselves, our companions, and with others to creatively support existing ministries and embrace new opportunities that respond to current critical issues.

Click the link below to download a printable PDF brochure of the Directional Statement.

pdf-logo    2008 Directional Statement Brochure (354 kb)