Franciscan Discernment

Are you aware that there is more than one style of discernment?

We present here a Franciscan process for discernment. In our Franciscan theology and discernment, we see the whole situation and begin from a place of beauty, love, and a desire to return to balance and harmony. Life is not a puzzle to be figured out piece by piece, but a practice of following the heart as lead by the Spirit. Other styles of discernment work for some of us, but not all, and they have a different focus. Enjoy discovering an alternative form of discernment. Use it for yourself, share it with others, include it in your workplace and family decisions. If you would like assistance with this exciting and meaningful process, you might consider contacting one of our spiritual centers or one of our spiritual directors through one of the centers: Franciscan Spiritual Center in Aston, PA or Franciscan Spiritual Center in Marylhurst, OR

The attached PowerPoint presentation converted to PDF supplements the booklet “Discernment in the Franciscan Spirit”. Click here to access this wonderful resource. Please use it with your committees, ministry sites, parish groups, etc. Share it widely along with the booklet.