Brewing Faith, is a podcast where younger Catholics ask the questions and, together with the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia and through a Franciscan lens, we look at the future of our Church.

Pope Francis warns us against “prepackaged answers and ready-made solutions” he encourages us to “set aside narrow preconceptions” and to listen “carefully to the young.” (Christus vivit, 2019)  Join our host, Sara Marks, the Director of the Office of Young Adults, and the Sisters of St. Francis for Brewing Faith to engage with younger believers on topics of faith, Church, and the Franciscan spirituality.

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Brewing Faith, Episode 3 – Christmas Magic

December 13, 2019
Take a listen to our special Christmas Edition of Brewing Faith in which we share some stories about the magic of Christmas through childhood memories and a special Christmas Story in the Franciscan Tradition. Grab your coffee or tea, or whatever you like to brew and take a listen.  Feel free to share: What is Christmas Magic for you?

Brewing Faith, Episode 2 – Belief and Community

November 19, 2019

Last month we discussed the changing dynamics of catechesis in the Church.  We talked about staying at the table and addressed relativism.  In this episode we dig a little deeper into the question of belief and community as we talk with two young women working on Red Hill Farm–Madison Rios and our Franciscan Volunteer, Katherine Stevick. We explore what community means and what it looks like to be a part of a faith community.

Brewing Faith, Episode 1 – Staying at the Table: The Shifting Dynamics of the Church

October 18, 2019

In this inaugural episode of Brewing Faith we discuss the changing dynamics of catechesis in the Church. We challenge relativistic views and discuss the Franciscan concept of ongoing conversion. Join us for story-telling and an interview with Sr. Kathy Dougherty, the congregational minister of the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia.