There are 14 members of the group comprised of 11 women and three sisters.

The companions in Spokane have completed the Gods Extravagant Love faith study program. For the most part, everyone loved it. At the first meeting– this year on the feast of the Stigmata– we used a YouTube video and did our faith sharing about the event of St. Francis’ reception of the Stigmata. October will bring us to our recommitment and part one of Hope for the Flowers retreat which we will follow in November with part two of Hope for the Flowers given by Sister Clare D’Auria. From January-June the group will explore the history of the congregation using material from Journey and the Dream and Diamond Crown. Sister Kathleen Moffatt’s “Gift Given” program will also be used for faith sharing. 

In the past members of the Spokane companions group have been involved in the preparation and celebration of sisters’ jubilees as well as the closing of St. Joseph Family Center. Now is the perfect opportunity for involvement in a new project, a new ministry called “The Little Portion” or in Italian, “Portiuncula.”

So there is a lot of happiness among the companions as we begin a new year full of hope and await the surprises that will unfold in God’s time and with his grace as we walk with Francis and Clare in the Franciscan tradition of which we are custodians.

Sister Joanne Clavel and Joyce McGown-Cleveland are the coordinators of the Spokane companion group.