photo-1How do we manage the tasks involved in shareholder advocacy?

We actualize our responsibilities by

  • monitoring our investments
  • dialoguing with corporations
  • filing shareholder resolutions
  • attending annual meetings
  • letter writing and voting proxies
  • making recommendations for divestment or restrictions on our portfolio and communicating with investment custodian and investment managers
  • participating in community development investments/maintaining active membership in the Philadelphia Area Coalition for Responsible Investment (PACRI), the Interfaith Center of Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), and Northwest Coalition for Responsible Investment (NWCRI) and The Investor Environmental Health Network (IEHN)
  • maintaining communication with the congregational treasurer and the corporation

Through these actions we hope to get the attention of corporations and their investors. Even as little as 3% of a vote is considered a successful effort—the beginning of a dialogue, a relationship that will hopefully lead to social and environmental change. We are one of the over 300 faith-based institutional investors who make up Interfaith Center of Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), a 44 year-old international coalition of investors with combined portfolios worth an estimated $300 billion. For more information, contact us.