Eagles in the Super Bowl!

Being from the Philadelphia area, many of our sisters and staff members are big Philadelphia Eagles fans.  Please join us in prayer on Super Bowl Sunday praying for a victory.  It worked in 2018!

Eagles Prayer

Lord, make our Eagles instruments of your strength.
Where there is great victory, let us be humbly proud.
Where there is injury, let us wrap the players gently in our healing hearts.
Where there is doubt, give us the throws and kicks that are strong and confident.
Where there are Chiefs passes, let us make brilliant interceptions.
As the evening darkens, let the field be lit in glowing lights of Philly green.
And where there is sadness, Lord, wipe tears from the eyes of our losing Chiefs brothers and their fans.

O Divine Coach of all great teams,
Grant that we may not so much just play the game as to come out on top,
To recite “It’s a Philly Thing” to remain number one,
To be loved not only by our fans as to earn the respect of the world.
For it is in getting touchdowns that we build a great score.
It is in getting behind Jalen Hurts that we defeat Mahomes,
And it is in winning the Super Bowl that we come home CHAMPIONS once again!

(Sing Fly Eagles Fly)

Sr. Ann Marie Slavin (adapted 2023)


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