Our very contact with nature has a deep restorative power; contemplation of its magnificence imparts peace and serenity.
— Pope John Paul II

Evaluating Our Connection with Nature

Each of the ten statements below is a statement related to our use of water and waste water. Try to describe your current choices.
Answers range from:

 1  5  10
Never Sometimes Always

Read the 10 statements below. In the adjacent box, write the number corresponding to your answer. E.g. ‚ 1= Never. When you finish, add the numbers to get a score.

Questions Answers
I spend time outdoors every day. 1. _____________
I keep a plant(s) or garden. 2. _____________
I enjoy watching birds, butterflies, and other animals. 3. _____________
I take time to watch the sunrise and sunset. 4. _____________
I enjoy observing the stars and phases of the moon 5. _____________
I spend time reflecting on the gift of nature. 6. _____________
On vacation I find ways to experience nature. 7. _____________
I take time to appreciate the gift of water. 8. _____________
I belong to one or more groups dedicated to protecting wildlife. 9. _____________
I read books and/or listen to tapes that add to my appreciation of nature. 10. _____________
Score of 20 -69? See tips.
Score of 70+? See resources for ongoing learning.

Tips for Living More Lightly

  1. Spend at least ten minutes a day appreciating the natural world–even if you can’t go outside.
  2. Tend at least one small plant as a way to appreciate the oxygen-gift of the plant world.
  3. See birds and other animals as a reminder of life’s basics needs–food, water, shelter and friends.  Be a friend and provide what you can.
  4. Reflect on the sun, our star, the source of all the life energy on planet Earth.  At sunrise and sunset, we are especially reminded of beauty.
  5. Participate in the natural rhythms of the Earth as it rotates and shifts on its axis. The moon and the stars remind us of our earthly roots in a vast universe.
  6. Take time each day to reflect on the free and generous gifts of nature.  Practice gratitude.
  7. Watch the sun rise and set, take a walk, learn the birds in the area, and follow the night sky. These free activities reconnect us with nature and ourselves.
  8. Take time to imagine your life without water, without clean water.  Take time to appreciate and care for Sister Water.
  9. Join Sierra Club, Audubon Society , World Wildlife Federation, or local organizations that foster our appreciation of the natural world.
  10. Begin with the above links and the resources listed below and follow your heart.


Reconnecting With Nature: Finding Wellness through Restoring Your Bond with the Earth, ISBN 0-9639705-2-6

Listening to Nature:  How to Deepen Your Awareness of Nature, Joseph Cornell, ISBN 0-916124-35-5

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