Work for Your Vegetables

Every season we offer a wonderful opportunity for members to become even closer to Red Hill Farm.  Rather than paying for your fresh produce, how about working alongside your fellow farmers in exchange for a CSA share?  It’s simple.  You work 100 hours over the course of the season (May-November) and your work will be rewarded with bounty of your own creation!

What will I do as a workshare?

Workshares are a big help to the farm.  These hard workers do a variety of tasks from weeding the cabbages, harvesting cucumbers, or planting garlic.  We work as a team on the farm so you’ll always be surrounded by folks to get big tasks done and to enjoy the weather with.

What if I have never farmed before?

Everyone starts somewhere! At Red Hill Farm, we welcome all interested and committed people to join us in our passion for agriculture.  Whether you’re reconnecting with your farming roots or seeking a new experience, we definitely have a place for you.


Contact Lilley at (610) 558-6799 or for more information.