If any of the following options are of interest and you would like further discussion,
please contact Sr. Deborah Krist at (610) 558-7713 or email OSFF@osfphila.org.


Bequests are gifts made through a will or a trust that takes effect after the donor’s death. Because they reduce the size of the donor’s estate (for estate tax purposes), bequests result in an estate tax deduction.


A donor operating a family business may find it possible to make a more sizable gift at the same cost of a smaller gift by having the company make it directly. Because the company’s gift comes out of earnings before federal tax is levied, the tax on the amount of the gift is avoided—and the savings can be passed on to the Sisters of St. Francis Foundation, a qualified charitable organization.


Estate Planning is a process of integrating personal financial goals with provisions for others who survive you. It involves achieving estate-planning goals in the most efficient way, while seeking to minimize taxes and other costs. If you would like to make a bequest to help further the mission of the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, please write a letter including the following language:

I bequeath ______% of my residual estate to the Sisters of St. Francis Foundation to be used for ______.

Tell your attorney:

  • Our official name: The Sisters of St. Francis Foundation
  • Our address: 609 South Convent Road, Aston, PA 19014
  • Our Organization: A not-for-profit Pennsylvania corporation
  • Our IRS status: 501(C)(3) organization


Life insurance is an attractive method of charitable giving. Life insurance offers donors the options of giving:

  • Paid-up policies
  • Existing but not paid-up policies
  • Recently purchased policies making the Sisters of St. Francis Foundation, a qualified charitable organization, the owner and beneficiary of the policy.

Note:  there are special tax considerations for the gifts and each gift must be carefully planned.