How Earth Friendly Are You?

Protect and restore the integrity of Earth’s ecological systems,
with special concern for biological diversity and
the natural processes that sustain life.

-Earth Charter

Energy and Household

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Never Sometimes Always

Read the 10 statements below. In the adjacent box, write the number corresponding to your answer. E.g. ‚ 1= Never. When you finish, add the numbers to get a score.

Questions Answers
I turn off water while brushing my teeth. 1. _____________
I spend less than 5 minutes taking my shower. 2. _____________
I turn off the lights when I leave the room, even if it is for a short time. 3. _____________
In the summer I close the blinds and drapes in the house while I am at work. 4. _____________
Whenever possible, I cook with a lid on the pot. 5. _____________
I use the “small load” on the washer whenever possible. 6. _____________
I drink filtered water from the tap instead of buying bottled water. 7. _____________
I have invested in Screw in Base Fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). 8. _____________
I set the refrigerator thermostat in the middle range. 9. _____________
I keep the freezer as full as possible without cramming. 10. _____________
Score of 20 -69? See tips.
Score of 70+? See resources for ongoing learning.

Tips for Living More Lightly

  1. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and save approximately four gallons of water for each minute you brush.
  2. A shower of less than 5 minutes will save up to 1,000 gallons of water each month.
  3. No extra energy is expended when turning on lights unless many are turned off at the same time.
  4. Close blinds and drapes in the heat of the day keeps the house cooler.  Air conditioners don’t have to run as high to bring the house to comfort level.
  5. Cook with lids on pots to conserves energy.  Water will boil more quickly.
  6. The “small load” saves water but uses just as much electricity as a full load.  Another good strategy is to make sure you have a full load before washing–-clothes or dishes.
  7. Avoid drinking bottled water.  Learn about your municipal water source and filter only if there is a local problem.
  8. The average life of a new fluorescent (CFL) bulb is 10,000 hours.  They have a cool, long life.  A 40-watt CFL uses only 10 watts electricity; a 60-watt CFL uses only 15 watts; a 100-watt CFL uses only 25 watts.
  9. The middle setting on refrigerator thermostat will keep all food at the right temperature when the door seal is tight.
  10. A full freezer will stay colder longer because there is no large amount of empty space to cool.