Stop Sex Trafficking…Support Survivors 

The Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia have always been committed to the poor, oppressed, and marginalized in our society. While the sisters have supported many organizations over the years, Dawn’s Place is one of the special ones. This organization is dedicated to helping to stop sex trafficking and supporting survivors. The Sisters of St. Francis have volunteered their time and resources to support this program offering hope to those who have been in desperate situations.

Being a part of the support network for Dawn’s Place has helped to change the circumstances and lives of many survivors of sex trafficking. Dawn’s Place mission of “providing direct services to women, raising awareness through education, and generating prevention, public policy reform, and community collaboration” also reflects the vision of the Sisters of St. Francis, providing assistance to those who most need it.

The Sisters of St. Francis ask that you join with us to contribute to the work of Dawn’s Place. Each day, women in the program are offered a safe place to stay and resources to break free from a life of captivity. Your contributions will go towards making it possible for women to create a life of hope.

Please consider donating today. The Sisters of St. Francis and Dawn’s Place thank you!

**Please note: Donations designated for a specific need will be allocated for that purpose. Once the purpose has been served, excess funds will be used for our greatest need.