Offering a Helping Hand in Chester

Please help the Sisters of St. Francis provide support to Anna’s Place in Chester!

The Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia work hard to care for those in their ministries. Over 10 years ago, the Sisters of St. Francis started Anna’s Place, a welcome center in Chester to help families access resources such as counseling while directly helping them with computer skills and personal care items. Since the pandemic started, Sister Maggie Gannon and Sister Cathy McGowan have been working every week to provide the residents of Chester and surrounding communities who have lost income due to the pandemic with the additional essentials they need. Whether it is with food or daily living items, the Sisters of St. Francis are committed to serving those who are poor and those who need assistance.

Sister Maggie Gannon demonstrates that a community working together can achieve great success. “Normally we are not a food cupboard but there are people who are hungry and that call needs to be answered,” she explained.

This service is not new to the Sisters of St. Francis who have been tending to the sick and those who are poor since the very beginning. In 1855 the sisters began to serve the community as they tended to those who were poor or suffered from smallpox. Today, they are continuing this mission in their work to help those in southeastern Pennsylvania overcome the challenges of sickness and poverty.

This winter the Sisters of St. Francis could use your help to bring more resources to those who need them. Your contribution to support the mission of Anna’s Place will provide those who need it with food and other daily essentials. The need right now is great and with your help, the sisters can continue this vital mission of helping to create new possibilities one small effort at a time.

Please give what you can and know that all the funds go to help those who are poor in this time of great need. Thank you.

**Please note: Donations designated for a specific need will be allocated for that purpose. Once the purpose has been served, excess funds will be used for our greatest need.