Sharing Space: Updating the Kitchen at Assisi House

Help the Sisters of St. Francis finish the updates to the kitchen at Assisi House.

For over 40 years, the kitchen at Assisi House has been used to cook meals for the retired sisters of St. Francis. The sisters gather during mealtimes to strengthen their bond as sisters, to share their stories with one another, and to be part of the community as a whole. Recently, however, the kitchen has needed some updates such as new equipment and added serving areas. Some equipment no longer works at all and other areas need a complete remodel. These changes are expensive and are currently being completed in stages. Any contribution to this project will help the sisters complete the work more quickly.

When the updates are finished, the staff will have a safe place and the means to prepare meals for the residents of Assisi House. Please consider contributing to the kitchen remodel.

The Sisters of St. Francis thank you and deeply appreciate all you do to support the sisters who have dedicated their lives to so many in the community.

**Please note: Donations designated for a specific need will be allocated for that purpose. Once the purpose has been served, excess funds will be used for our greatest need.