Core Values


Volunteers live together in an intentional community where they give mutual support to one another, share their experience of the ministries in which they serve, and work toward building open and honest relationships.  Volunteers collaboratively set community goals and challenge one another to live simply in solidarity with those with whom they minister.

Social & Ecological Justice

Volunteers have the opportunity to grow in understanding the systemic change necessary to address issues of poverty, injustice, ecological deterioration, and need to care for creation through participation in the program and the ministries in which they engage and communal commitment to living sustainably. Volunteers will join the Sisters of St. Francis in becoming a voice for positive change in our world.

Contemplative Action

Volunteers challenge themselves and each other to put their faith, rooted in contemplation, into action. Enriched through personal and communal prayer within the volunteer community and in relationship with the Sisters of St. Francis, volunteers grow deeper in self-awareness and understanding of their personal call.

The Franciscan Tradition

Volunteers are immersed in the Franciscan Tradition through retreats, workshops, daily living, and interactions with the Sisters of St. Francis.  The Franciscan Tradition focuses on teachings and example of St. Francis of Assisi who desired to live as Jesus did.  Volunteers grow in understanding how we are called to live the Gospel Message in today’s world.