Aston, PA – As part of a long-term dialogue with the company, and in the context of the fraudulent cross-selling scandal, the resolution asks the Board of Directors of Wells Fargo Company for enhanced disclosure on the steps taken to improve culture, ethics, reputation, aligning incentives with customers’ best interests, risk management, governance and control processes in order to rebuild trust and give assurance to shareholders that risks contributing to the present scandal are now well understood and will be properly managed to prevent future crises.

The Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia and 16 co-filers urge you to vote FOR Item 5 at Wells Fargo because Wells Fargo is exposed to significant risks due to lapses in vision, values, ethics and culture; Wells Fargo has not adequately assessed and managed those risks, and Proponents seek a systemic, comprehensive approach to address business standards, through disclosure which demonstrates meaningful and authentic implementation of policies and practices to effectively reduce risk.

RESOLVED: Shareholders request that the Board commission a comprehensive report, available to shareholders by October 2017, on the root causes of the fraudulent activity and steps taken to improve risk management and control processes. The report should omit proprietary information and be prepared at reasonable cost.

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