Sister Spotlight

Sr. Ann Marie Slavin professed her vows as a Sisters of St. Francis in 1962. She spent over 36 years teaching both elementary students and high school students before switching gears and spending 20+ years in the congregational communications office. Take a listen to hear what her life and ministry has been like and what it has meant to her looking back.

Sr. Eleanor Cecilia Getz, OSF

Sr. Eleanor Cecilia Getz (89) has been a Sister of St. Francis for 70 years. She ministered for 58 years in education and has loved every minute of it. Though she is hard of hearing, this sister hasn’t lost her step when it comes to life or to dancing. Listen to her story and how she reveres religious life.

Sr. Stella Mary Breen

Sr. Stella Mary Breen spent many years in education and social service ministry in the South, first ministering to the children of the Irish Travelers then later to the people of St. Helena Island in South Carolina. Hear her speak of her ministry and what it meant to her.

Sr. Alice Klein

Sr. Alice Klein, OSF, is 84 years old and is a Sister of St. Francis. She has a real passion for sports and has spent many of her years in playing and teaching various sports. Since moving to Assisi House a year ago, Sr. Alice has joined others in prayer ministry but has continued to be avid sports enthusiast.