First and foremost the Sisters of St. Francis are women of prayer. We commit ourselves to “rebuilding the Church” by living the passion of the Gospel in the discerning spirit of our Franciscan charism and tradition.

Franciscan Spirituality Means…

Our Franciscan spiritual tradition offers a way for us to be faithful to the way of life we have chosen. It offers us the opportunity to live in response to this invitation from God to follow in the footprints of Jesus Christ according to the Gospel and in the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi.

Sharing our Prayer and Spirituality

We share our prayer and spirituality in many ways. We do this when we remember your intentions in our prayers, when we welcome you to one of our retreats at our spiritual centers, or by providing you with a simple prayer or reflection to use in your own home. Won’t you join us in prayer?

Who Would You Like Us to Pray For?


Prayer Request

You can request a prayer for a friend, family member, coworker, etc.!  Click here!

We Love Visitors

The sisters in our retirement community love to visit with former students, members, family, and friend.  To check hours of operation or to schedule a visit click:  Assisi House.


2021 Advent Reflections/Action Steps

Pope Francis’ May 24, 2015, encyclical Laudato Si’ calls on each of us to love, respect, and nurture the Earth—our sister and mother and our shared inheritance and home. As both Pope Francis and St. Francis have helped us to understand, the Earth is given by God for our sustenance and joy and entrusted to our committed care. This Advent season, we will reflect on passages from Laudato Si’. Meditating and praying on the passages can support us in taking actions inspired by Pope Francis’ words and wisdom and by the seven multiyear Laudato Si’ Action Platform goals.  (Note: For the action steps in this Advent guide, EarthCreation, and Nature are capitalized to reflect their divinity and importance. Underlined passages in blue are internet links to additional useful information.)

Advent Reflections Complete  Weeks 1-4

Advent Calendar:  Daily action steps for during Advent

A Lifetime of Ministry:  Stories from Assisi House

Several sisters have shared stories from their past–stories about where they grew up and what their ministry life as a Sister of St. Francis was like.  You can watch and listen by clicking here.