The trial of police officer Derek Chauvin is over and he has been found guilty in the death of George Floyd. This verdict comes as a relief to many, but we acknowledge this is but a small victory in an otherwise long history of injustice to our African American brothers and sisters.  We pray for the Floyd family and for the African American community as a whole. We pray for healing of all of our hearts and safety of all in our communities.  We also pray for law enforcement officers–that they are able to do their job safely without the fear of backlash as they continue to protect all of us from daily threats.

We urge everyone to find it in their hearts to view one another as brothers and sisters regardless race, color, or creed. We must come together as a shared humanity and with a willingness to improve our communities together. We, the Sisters of St. Francis, stand with all those who are oppressed and work for justice and policies that lift up every American, not just some.

There may be protests in the coming days as people want their voices heard due to this verdict, but we strongly urge nonviolence.  “Let us pray for peace: peace in the world and in each of our hearts.” Pope Francis