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Yum Yum Salad

Author :
Sr. Elizabeth Pepe

"The Yum Yum Salad recipe was given to me by my oldest sister, Mary Ann.  She is not only a very good cook, but an excellent baker as well.  If…

Italian-Style Cheese-Noodle Casserole

Author :
Sr. Mary Killoran

"I received this recipe from a parish volunteer in North Augusta, South Carolina about 30 years ago.  It is simple and tasty.  I haven't made it in years but recently…


Author :
Sr. Frances Acton

Sr. Fran shares this recipe and says it is a great, quick alternative, for a Friday meal during Lent...or even a quick lunch.  Super easy, top with your favorite veggies.

Carrot Souffle

Author :
Sr. Edward Paul Colliton

This recipe was submitted by Sr. Edward Paul Colliton, but many sisters love this recipe.  It has a sweet (corn bread) like taste and consistency.  Sr. Kate O'Donnell says "You…

Fish 'N Spinach

Author :
Sr. Ann Forrest

Sr. Ann Forrest shares this recipe and says, "Use any kind of fish you want.  It's easy and healthy.  Sr. Mary Vandergeest recently served it at a party for Sr.…


Author :
Sr. Francis O'Connor

"One of the Best of the Irish Dishes,"  according to Sr. Francis O'Connor.  This is a great Irish side to serve on St. Patrick's Day.  For a great meatless meal,…

Cheese Strata

Author :
Sr. Christa Marie Thompson

"I needed a special meal for some special guests at the University of Notre Dame.  It was Lent and with my schedule I didn't have much time to prepare it.…

Irish Potatoes

Author :
Sr. Mary Teresa Carmichael

MMMMM...Irish Potatoes! The history of this confection is varied. It seems they could have been created by immigrants from Ireland or Germany. But since we’ll soon be celebrating St. Patrick’s…

Fred's Favorite Haddock or Cod

Author :
Sr. St. Joseph Brennion

This recipe was my brother, Fred's, favorite recipe. It is easy to make and really delicious.  The celery and parsley really add to the presentation and the flavor of the…

Irish Soda Bread

Author :
Sr. Mary Camillus McGoldrick

Does St. Patrick's Day give you a fonn (Irish for yen) for Irish soda bread? You can make a delicious loaf of your own like the one pictured.

Acorn Squash with Cranberries

Author :
Sr. Deanna Bartolomei

This acorn squash reminds you of all that's right with Fall, no matter what season you're in at present. The warm brown sugar encrusted cranberries with a hint of cinnamon…

Grandma's Vegetable Soup

Author :

For a cold winter day try this recipe for vegetable soup that appeared in our sisters’ 1977 cookbook. Sr. Geralda Meskill made this recipe and just loved it! “I don’t…

Mom's Chili Soup

Author :
Sr. Joyce Helfrich

"This is one of those family recipes that was never written down, just passed from family member to family member---from cousin to cousin and so on.  We all will make it…

Russian Tea Snowballs (or Crescents)

Author :
Sr. Rose Christopher Sheridan

Enjoy these delicious Russian Tea Snowballs!  It is one of Sr. Rose Christopher's favorite recipes to make around the holidays.

Chicken Piccata

Author :

This recipe couldn't be easier and has been a favorite dish of mine because of that, in addition to the wonderful taste.